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motion graphics

What is motion graphic means?

The world of animation used in digital marketing consists of a number of fields and styles. The word “animation” is basically an umbrella term for everything that gets animated, though one subset of animation is confusing to some people, even though it’s all around us in the digital age: Motion Graphics. It is a very accurate art that is spread everywhere on the Internet, but we do not know that everything we see around us in the digital world is under the heading of Motion Graphics, as it is almost invisible or visible only to professional.

Motion Graphics means Graphics in Movement. It’s the most straightforward definition you can get. Many times, Motion Graphics is also called Motion Design, making the relationship between movement and design elements easier to understand. Motion Graphics is about bringing design knowledge to new mediums by adding the elements of time and space to it — i.e. creating movement.
But reviving design elements is no simple task. Unlike other areas of animation, you don’t have a predetermined or “natural” way to move things. For example, in traditional animation (such as Disney films), you can use endless references from nature to animate a human or animal character. But in motion design, there is no natural reference to how shapes, typography, and grids should move. For this reason, motion designers study all kinds of movements, accelerations, and speeds. By bringing all of these variables together, they can bring design elements to life in a way that is more human and able to connect with viewers.
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